Edinburgh Fringe Festival

  I had a busy Summer last year including taking part in an amazing mixed exhibition at the Edinburgh Festival. It all came about when I met the incredible ceramic artist Liz Watts in a gallery in Bradford-on-Avon. As soon as I saw her work I just knew we had to exhibit together somehow. We kept in touch until the time was right and decided to go for it! Luckily for me, Liz had many contacts in Edinburgh already including the EDS gallery who very kindly offered us a space in the gallery to put our crazy idea together. We decided that as our work was already slightly “over the top” we would call it “Unexpected Excesses” and set the whole thing up as a “Bohemian Banquet”.  



All change

Jan Knibbs is on the move again! As some of you may know, we re-located as a family to Bath ten years ago with the intention on my part to open my own “atelier”.  Things didn’t quite go to plan because as the recession kicked in, our beautiful 8 bedroom Georgian house in Herefordshire refused to let us go! After 6 years of having it on the market and lots of interesting developments in our lives, we finally gave up and moved back here for our twins to finish their education. 


As much as we love the house and all the amazing memories it holds for all of us, there isn’t actually much call for couture embroidery in these parts so after a couple of years of making it even more beautiful, we are opening it for others to enjoy as a perfect party venue/large family holiday venue so we can move on again. The website is http://www.cedars-house.co.uk if you want to check it out. We can also offer loads of activities including vintage tea parties, photo shoots and craft workshops which will make use of my extensive collections of vintage clothes and china and also be great fun. I knew there was a good reason for being such a hoarder! 


So, that frees us up to move but as we don’t want to be too far away and one of our kids is doing fashion at Cheltenham College, we’ve chosen Cheltenham as our new base. We’re hoping to rent somewhere nice which will give me studio space for now but eventually I might eventually get my atelier! So, as they say, watch this space!! 


This is actually a window display I did for a fantastic antique shop called Gilchrist which is located in my favourite part of Cheltenham “The Suffolks” but a girl can dream, can’t she?